Established in 1969, Sinfay was originally located in Sanchuang, started stamping  business with watch chains and shaves. Since 1970, started to involve precision progressive mold design and manufacture. In 1977 started to export business.

In 1985, Sinfay relocated to Taoyuan to better meet the demand on increasing production.

Specializing in various stamping parts and persisting top quality products, we have specially designed and produced all dies and molds used in the course of production.

The dies and parts we produce include-

  • Regular stamping dies/parts
  • Progressive dies/parts
  • Extraction and expansion dies/parts

We strive to meet clients’ demand in any way possible. Our products include but not limited to copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, Mylar and etc.

We can provide a variety of materials as clients requested.

To better meeting the demand of the ever-changing market, our company never ceased improving and innovating; currently, we have extended the product line to communication and optoelectronic parts.

We value the existing and prospective clients with the same respect and offer them the same courtesy. 

We strive to help our clients enhancing the competitiveness of their products and result in win-win outcome with top quality product, shortest delivery date, and the most competitive price.